Easy to Understand System

Digital memories are great but physical memories are better.

Tourist Questions

We make it easy for you to use our application.

Seller Questions

We make it easy for you to use our application.

Investor Support

Starting from February 2022 we are ready for 1st investment round.


Download and install gopostly app for Android or iOS on your phone or tablet. Fill in the form and you are ready.

The tourist pays the cost of transport at the store. The product remains in the store and the seller calls for courier pick-up using our app.

The store makes all arrangement for shipping the products. Shipping will be made with the courier you choose from the application.

No, on the contrary, we negotiate preferential prices with many couriers. Usually the prices are at least 10% lower than the list ones.

Present the QR code from the app to the seller for scanning. After the person from the shop introduces the order details, you need to confirm it from your app.

Yes, it works for domestic and international tourism. You need to check the list of available couriers at your location.


Download and install gopostly app for Android or iOS on your phone or tablet. Fill in the form and take a selfie of you with shop background. Read, understand and agree with all terms.

After registration your shop will be visible on the map (with pin points), under the map with name and rounded icon on the banners list, it will have a dedicated page and it will be visible on search shop page.

When is time to ship a tourist package just click on the dedicated dashboard page from our application.

Shop must prepare all packages before calling the courier. If you need help with packaging materials we can send you boxes and supplies at discounted rates (search our website).

Shop must measure the weight. To make everything easier for everybody we made special deals with couriers on a weight brackets system (visible on site and app). VERY IMPORTANT: you always need to add the weight of the box (envelopes, protections ..) at the product(s) weight. If you need an electronic scale we can provide one at a preferential price.


We start coding both applications (for tourist and for shops) in Spring 2021. Everything is done in-house by founders.

We are ready for 1st investment round starting from February 2022 after we finish testing both pilot versions of our app.

Yes, we graduate StepFWD accelerator cohort#3 in November 2021 (accelerator by TechHub, Google for Startups and Orange).

We prefer ‘Convertible Notes”, but also a ‘SAFE’ deal will be legally good.

We are ready for a zoom meeting – please send us your preferred timeline and we will send an invitation.


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